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Chicago or BUST!

The SCBWI Wild, Wild Mid-West Conference Calling all writers of children’s books. Plans are underway for this incredible, colossal, unforgettable event!!!!!! This year’s theme is The Roaring Twenties. It’s going to be the bees knees, baby!!!!! Mark your calendars and let’s get  going!!!! Chicago Marriott-Naperville, IL Program & Faculty:  40 faculty members!  8 different intensives —(three hour in-depth […]


Bravo, Ruth Graham

“AGAINST YA: Read whatever you want. But you should feel embarrassed when what you’re reading was written for children.” Ruth Graham in Slate Score. Ruth Graham achieved every journalist’s dream: she sparked a national controversy, scored hundreds of thousands of hits for Slate, got people talking, and maybe even got  some people thinking. Yet her assertion—“These […]