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The Importance of Reading Ernest

I tried reading Hemingway when I was in high school. It was a forgettable experience. But after I read The Paris Wife, the novel about Ernest Hemingway’s first marriage, I became intrigued and somewhat obsessed with the Hemingway legacy. I have an endearing habit (I think it’s endearing; my family has other words for it) of […]

Point of Inspiration

Inspiration, the spark, nudge or lightning bolt that spurs creativity, is fickle. It zaps you at anytime or place. You seize it while it’s fresh and breathe into it to keep it alive. How many songs, stories, plays, ideas have been sketched out on cocktail napkins because there was nothing else to write on? Or, as in […]

Dear John, It’s Been Ten Years.

Dear John (aka Uncle Zed), I’ve been thinking about writing to you for days. How I’d tell you that ten years without you has been a long, long time and no time at all. When you died, I wanted to hurt about it forever. Even though it was unbearable, hurting meant that I remembered you clearly […]

The True Story

In my relentless quest for knowledge, I came upon a shocking discovery that shattered basic truths of my childhood. I offer you the truth about  Cinderella. Cinderella’s father was a weak, shallow man who gave into his young daughter’s every whim, avoiding confrontation and discipline at all costs. Cinderella’s fits of rage at being refused […]

Never Say Never

At one time or another I swore: I would never ski. My husband finally wore me down. We lived in upstate New York at the time. How could I pass up the opportunity to ski down a real mountain? Actually, I didn’t ski. I rolled all the way down the bunny hill. Hubby was wrong. […]

Puppy Love. Puppy Hate

I have five kids. I’ve become adept at ignoring the whine of youth. My brain tunes out the words and only hears the annoying drone. One day my youngest daughter followed me around whining about something. Finally, a word— divorce—penetrated my consciousness. I started to listen, although the droning whine made it difficult. “He can’t divorce […]

There Was a Time

There was a time when I knew what I wanted. I wanted to grow up. I didn’t know much beyond that—what I wanted to do with my life, or what I should do with my life, or how to figure out what to do with my life. It was vaguely exciting but it was mostly […]

Child Repellent

I’m going to try this with my kids. They hate when I dance. If they really get annoying, I’ll add some singing.  

The End Approaches.

I’m still working hard to make the dream come true. I’ve been very blessed with the support I’ve gotten, but now with the last week of my Indiegogo campaign rapidly approaching, the clock is ticking and I’m appealing to you. This is a letter I shared with my extended family. I’m sharing it with you […]

The Ties That Bind

My aunt called over the holidays. She’d invited a few of my cousins over for a “ladies’ night” and wondered if I could make it.  I was looking forward to seeing everyone for a happy occasion. It seemed many of the circumstances bringing us together recently had been tinged with sadness. My cousins and I […]