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Child Repellent

I’m going to try this with my kids. They hate when I dance. If they really get annoying, I’ll add some singing.   Advertisements

Deadline To A Dream

Writing a book worthy of publication. The dream that drew me on, but always seemed a long way off. And then BAM, the opportunity of a lifetime arrives in an email: Dear Dawne, Hello and thank you for your application.  It is clear you are a serious writer and one capable of writing a manuscript […]

Breaking The Law

“Mother, what can I be when I grow up?” “Oh, my little child, you can be anything you want; you can be anyone you choose. If you dream it, and believe it, you can achieve it. The world is your oyster, my child, but you must remember, never, never, never give up.” It’s a lovely […]

Snark and Consequences

I can be snarky. Sometimes it’s unintentional. Sometimes it’s an attempt at wit. Sometimes it’s deliberate (sad but true). Snark: noun Combination of “snide” and “remark”. Sarcastic comment(s). Also snarky (adj.) and snarkily (adv.) I’ve learned to show my husband things I’ve written that may be construed as snarky. Many times, I disagree with his assessment. […]

Facebook Paralysis

It was one of those things I swore I’d never have. I also swore I’d never wear four inch heels. Those things have a way of coming back to bite you. “You need to be on Facebook if you’re going to do a blog,” my friend, Artisté, told me. I hated to admit that she […]