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Confabulating with Katherine Jacobs

I met Katherine Jacobs on an unseasonably cold night in October. Well, here in Michigan, there is no such thing as unseasonable, but Katherine is a native Michgander, so she’s used to the seasonably unseasonable weather. Anyway, we both attended a lovely gathering the night before an SCBWI-MI conference. Katherine is a senior editor at Roaring Book Press, an imprint […]

Chicago Style: I’m Not Talking Pizza.

  I was a comma neurotic. neu·rot·ic : often or always fearful or worried about something : tending to worry in a way that is not healthy or reasonable. Merriam-Webster. Comma rules eluded me. If I couldn’t manage to remember a handful of them, how would I ever memorize the entire comma canon? I wondered if […]

An Idiot’s Guide to Writing

Famous Last Words.  

Avoiding the Warden

I’ve mentioned my muse many times. I respect my muse but I’m also intimidated by her; I suck up to her as much as possible. After reading virtualDavis’s comment I realize that in the process of kissing up to the muse, I’ve neglected mentioning my other writing collaborator. virtualDavis refers to this entity as a warden; I refer […]