Dawne Webber

You and I each live in our own world—they’re like bubbles. The intriguing thing is that each of our bubbles is unique. I like my bubble, but I want to know what’s going on in the world outside of it. Not the world of news stories and Wikipedia, but the one you and I share. This blog is an opportunity for each of us to step outside of our own world for a minute and confabulate. Every time we do, we make our own world and someone else’s wider and more interesting.

I live with my husband and four of our five children in the same bubble. We laugh a lot. This bubble has endured our boisterous family without bursting, although as the last of the children head into adolescence, it’s a little more crammed.

My bubble has grown since I began confabulating with others here on this blog. I’ve met many people and peeked into countless fascinating bubbles. And each has been a different world. But the differences have only served to illuminate the similarities.

As my bubble continues to grow so does my love for writing. Interesting how that works.


Personal stuff:

  • My four major food groups are Cheez-its, dark chocolate, red wine, and mochas.
  • If I was coordinated, I’d be a drummer.
  • Matt Smith is my favorite doctor.
  • I’m inordinately proud of my Michigan heritage.
  • I’m exactly 5′ tall (short?). My husband is 6’2. That’s not the reason I wear high shoes.

Thanks for stopping by. If you have a minute, tell me about yourself in the comments, or go to the About You page.



8 comments on “About

  1. I love your blog. :) I love coffee and wine, and I love sharing my stories. You have a wonderful collective ideal that I don’t see very much anymore. Because we’re all sharing stories, we should want to inspire others. I think you’re doing a wonderful job!


    • Thank you so much. This means so much to me.
      I hope you’ll share more here.

      OK, I know I used so much twice, but I really mean it and saying instead, “This means a great deal to me” just sounds pretentious. :)


  2. Hi Dawne, Dave just introduced me to your blog tonight.

    This is the first I am reading and I’m looking forward to diving in.


  3. Thank you for the comment and follow. I’m reading your blog right now. I like your posts, what you have to say and share actually gets me thinking.
    Oh, and you’re right, I will meet some great people in this new adventure. I’ve already met one of them :)


  4. Thank you the follow! I appreciate your story about Detroit. That is some tough stuff to experience through the years.

    Liked by 1 person

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