A Visit to Writer’s Digest

You know that first draft? The one you really, really want to share with someone. The one your critique group has been clamoring to read because you haven’t submitted anything in months? Think twice before letting others read it.

If you want to know why, check out my guest post, Draft Dodging, at Writer’s Digest Guide to Literary Agents blog.

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4 comments on “A Visit to Writer’s Digest

  1. Dawne,
    Thank you for your helpful Writer’s Digest post and for all the straightforward tips you share so generously.


  2. It’s good advice, but I do break it on occasion with some very close writing friends in a few situations with short stories. I think asking someone to read a first draft of a novel is a completely different thing 🙂

    Contests on quick deadline.

    Weekly hour-long challenges with my online writing group. We write to a prompt and the check out what the others came up with.

    Sometimes, I just want to know if an idea has merit. I am sure to emphasize that the writing itself is not very good.

    I enjoy your blog and all of your tips 🙂

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