People “Against YA”?

I write young adult fiction and I read a great deal of the same because YA offers something that’s difficult to find in “Grown-up” fiction these days.

Upmarket fiction


YA fiction

All The Way YA

Adults reading YA literature. A point of controversy in literary circles. “Against YA” an article by Ruth Graham in Slate was quite a flashpoint. The New York Times, The Guardian, and The Washington Post are among the erudite institutions that also weighed in on the “problem.” But I wouldn’t say the problem is with adults reading novels written for young adults. I think the problem is the fiction written for adults.

When I wrote a women’s novel, I delved into the world of women’s upmarket/bookclub fiction. Some of it I absolutely loved. Yet the majority of it I disliked so intensely, I’d throw the book down and refuse to pick it up again. The novel describing the position of a fly in a salad as “the insect’s supine and slightly sensual posture” ended up in the trash. There is nothing sensual about a fly in a salad.

I started reading…

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2 comments on “People “Against YA”?

  1. Thanks for sharing this. What’s wrong with reading everything? I read fiction for adults, YA, middle grade and picture books, as well as nonfiction. All of these are on my nightstand.

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  2. There’s nothing wrong with reading everything. I do the same.


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