Thirty Second NaNo Break

NaNoWriMo Thirty Second Stretch

*WARNING:This stretch routine is not meant to take the place of a potty break.

1. Pectoral stretch and eye relaxation-Find a wall corner/doorway within view of computer screen. Keeping eyes focused on computer screen, stretch pecs as shown, switching arms after ten seconds.


2. Hamstring stretch and eye stretch-Move to the floorStretch as shown, switching legs after ten seconds. Stretch eyes by looking up at computer screen.


3. Imagination stretch and cardio-Run in place. Imagine you’re with Hugh Jackman and you look great in your bikini.


4. Take a deep breath, exhale, and continue writing.

Another NaNoWriMo Thirty Second Break coming soon.


4 comments on “Thirty Second NaNo Break

  1. What are you working on Dawne? By the way nice break for the eyes!


  2. Thanks, Lorna. I thought so too. Working on dividing A Certain Slant of Light into three companion novels.


  3. You were right, that “Pectoral stretch and eye relaxation” picture of me came out pretty good.


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