A Voice Among The Thorns

Dawne Webber Young Adult Fiction Novel

A seventeen-year-old girl forms an unlikely friendship with a reclusive, unstable young woman who possesses a unique gift of sight and discovers the meaning of being true to oneself.


A Voice Among the Thorns

Seventeen-year-old Jersey Alexa (Jax) Mason is allergic to drama. But that’s what she gets when her boyfriend dumps her on a crowded dance floor. She would have preferred a text message. Amanda Rosenbaum’s reappearance and rumors of her time in the “looney bin” help take Jax’s mind off the break-up drama.

Amanda ran away when she was seventeen and Jax was four. Thirteen years later, Amanda returns to their sleepy town of Rudds Mill to live with her mother. Jax escapes to Amanda’s moss-covered patio when things get tense at home. She’s drawn to the fragile, unstable Amanda despite the fact that they spar over everything. Amanda has one foot in this world; the rest of her lives in a dark place inside her mind. But she’s aware of things that Jax has never considered. Important things about hope and life. And she knows all about the secrets Jax hides. How can someone so lost in her own world see inside of Jax’s?

Ethan, the new guy in town, starts hanging out on Amanda’s patio too. Chemistry sparks between him and Jax, but Amanda cryptically predicts they’re not meant to be. They try to blow her off. Amanda’s crazy after all. And she can’t always be right. As summer marches towards autumn, Amanda slips deeper inside herself, battling her mysterious past. Jax and Ethan need to save her before she disappears altogether.

This is my latest project for those of you who’ve been asking (and those of you who haven’t). It’s a contemporary young adult novel but, with all due respect to Ruth Graham, anyone can read it. At this point, I’m seeking representation by a literary agent. I’ll be posting updates, and bits and pieces about it on the A Voice Among the Thorns page.

I’d love to hear your thoughts about it.


9 comments on “A Voice Among The Thorns

  1. Sounds like an intriguing story. I’d read it, if it’s as well written as the synopsis seems to indicate. I wish you well with the querying. I, too am at that stage with my middle grade novel. Hang in there, don’t give up.


  2. Thanks. I hope it’s well written. That was the goal. Good luck with your querying. Hopefully we can celebrate good things together!


  3. Hi Dawne, I can see why you are so enthused about this project. I think you have a winner here. I’ve attached a Word doc with just a few brief comments. Jim


  4. I’m looking forward to being able to read it.


  5. I like it, Dawne. The characters seem complex yet relatable and the plot feels twisty and turny. Who is your audience?


  6. Young adult females. And agents 😉


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