Never Say Never

At one time or another I swore:

  • I would never ski. My husband finally wore me down. We lived in upstate New York at the time. How could I pass up the opportunity to ski down a real mountain? Actually, I didn’t ski. I rolled all the way down the bunny hill. Hubby was wrong. I didn’t love it.

Not my idea of a good time.

  • I would not have five children. There were five siblings in my family growing up. I would not be crazy enough to repeat that. Granted, I was the only girl and the fact that I had four brothers may have had something to do with my attitude. When my husband mentioned early in our marriage that five kids might be nice, I hit the roof.  But Hubby was right this time; I love having five kids.
  • I would not wear shoes with anything higher than a four inch heel. Then it became difficult to find shoes with anything under a four and a half inch heel. I learned that four and half inch heels aren’t so bad.
I really wanted these but they're 5". That's over my limit.

I really wanted these but they’re 5″. That’s over my limit.

  • I would never have a blog. Enough said.

For years, I’ve sworn with fiery passion that I would NEVER tweet. I should have known it was only a matter of time. I admit, I was excited to get a Twitter account. That was before I realized I’d have to learn Twitter speak. It’s an entire language unto itself. My next venture may be classes in TSL  (Twitter as a Second Language).

I still swear with a fiery passion that I’ll never, ever sky-dive or wear five inch heels.


10 comments on “Never Say Never

  1. I had a Twitter account for three weeks before I tweeted anything. I was so intimidated. But it was kind of fun once I finally figured out what people were saying with all theirs @s and #s.


  2. I’ve bought you some 5 inch heals and scheduled a sky diving class. Bring your phone you can tweet on the way down.


  3. I am very careful to never… say never… I know how once those words are out there it seems like the universe has a challenge!


  4. Ugh. I did a post about this last summer on our family blog. In 2008 I said I’d never live in Africa with small children. Now that we live in Rwanda, I’ve learned to be really careful about using that phrase.


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