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If you’re wondering what Ready. Set. WRITE! is all about, it’s a summer long writing intensive with the purpose of writing, revising, planning, and keeping each other accountable. We will be sharing our goals on Mondays, keeping our posts BRIEF (2-3 lines per heading) so we can spend more time on writing and less time on blogging. This year, your RSW hosts are Alison Miller, Katy Upperman, Erin Funk, and Jaime Morrow. If you’d like more information or to participate in Ready. Set. WRITE click here.

Monday, June 30-Week 4

1.  How I did on last week’s goals– I waited, mostly patiently, for Marisa Corvisiero, the agent critiquing my submission package, and the betas reading A Voice Among the Thorns.

As for people watching, I learned something, but it wasn’t what I thought I’d learn. I’ve read about other writers people watching and listening and I’ve always imagined sitting on a bench at the mall with my peppermint mocha and a notebook, unobtrusively watching people and jotting things in a notebook.

But it wasn’t the romaticized vision I’d had in my head. First of all, I wasn’t sure what to write. Nobody was near me long enough to hear a conversation or get facial expressions without me coming across as a stalker. This is the kind of thing I noticed: Younger people tend to hang out in groups of three, some people lean sideways when they walk and look as if they’re about to topple over.  So I decided to hang out at Panera during lunch, thinking there’d be some great fodder there.  I ended up reading. My husband astutely pointed out that I do my people watching already when I get my hair cut, or go to the grocery store, etc. So I think my formal people stalking days are over.

2.  My goal(s) for this week- Marisa’s critique is due by Tuesday, as are the manuscripts and feedback from the betas. My goal for the week is to read them and synthesize everything and decide what I think will work to improve A Voice Among the Thorns. I’m also hoping not to cry 😉

3.  A one word/phrase that sums up what I wrote/revised- The first paragraph of my query. Seventeen-year-old Jersey Alexa (Jax) Mason is allergic to drama. Unfortunately, it seems to have moved in with her for the summer. Amanda Rosenbaum’s reappearance provides a welcome distraction. Jax doesn’t get that the real drama is just beginning.

YA, novel, Dawne Webber

4.  The biggest challenge I faced this week (ex. finding time to write)-Deciding how to incorporate all the feedback I get this week. And trying to remember to wear a thick skin!

5.  Something I love about my WiPIt’s almost ready to submit to agents.

Thanks everyone for your encouragement.  Good luck to you on your goals!


28 comments on “Ready. Set. WRITE!

  1. People watching has always sounded like a good time to me too, but I’ve never formally tried it. The T and airports are always interesting places to watch people though.


    • The airport. That’s a great idea and I’ll be picking up my daughter from one next week. I’ll have to leave the book I’m reading at home 😉

      Sorry it took so long to post your comment. For some reason it was in the spam folder and I just happened to check it.


  2. Remembering to wear a thick skin – great goal. Tough, SO tough – and I will probably need to make this a goal for myself in the next few weeks too. Also, I love this: “I’m also hoping not to cry ” I hear ya. Sometimes it’s tears of sadness, sometimes tears of joy. It’s tough not to cry at feedback on something so personal, but objectively, most of the feedback we gain from others is all for the best. 🙂

    Hope you have a great week! I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you and for your feedback!


  3. Thanks, Alison. Even though it stings (to put it mildly) I’ve found that all feedback is helpful. Hope you have a great week too!


  4. No crying! Definitely a good goal. 🙂 I love the lines from your query! It drew me in – as well as the image to go along with it. It sounds like a great story. Good luck querying. I’m rooting for you!


  5. Yay for almost being ready for querying! What a fun (and anxious but still exciting) time!


  6. Best of luck with all the feedback! It’s hard to summon up that thick skin, but hopefully the feedback will be helpful and you’ll be able to make your manuscript even better! 🙂


  7. Good luck incorporating all that feedback, Dawne… Kind of exciting! And I’ll be crossing my fingers for you when you begin querying again!


  8. I love the snippet from your query. Very compelling! Good luck with all the feedback and incorporating it into your story. I know what you mean about needing a thick skin. I find feedback super helpful, but sometimes super hard. Hope it all goes well!


  9. Love the first sentence of your query letter! Good luck with incorporating all that feedback–tough skin is a definite must, but hopefully it’s all constructive criticism. Also, I just love the title of your WIP!


  10. Waiting is hard, receiving feedback — whether positive or negative — is hard, but it is an essential and also exhilarating part of this process. Your query lines are definitely engaging, so I hope you get some good feedback from Marisa and your betas! Have a wonderful writing week!


  11. That’s so exciting that you’re almost ready to submit to agents. Best of luck!


  12. What a great hook! Good luck with all your final tweaks and submission!


  13. I hope you get lots of useful and positive feedback from Marissa and your betas! Best of luck incorporating it all into A VOICE AMONG THE THORNS. All this drama surrounding your main character is intriguing! 🙂


  14. Love your people watching story. I always feel like I should be taking more notes on what I see every day. It’s harder than it sounds! Sounds like you have a huge week ahead!! Good luck!!!! Thank you for the link to Steinbeck’s advice over on my blog. Perfectly appropriate!!


  15. Hopefully the feedback you get is valuable, though! That tends to take the sting out of criticism, for me, once I get over the initial slap and start using it to make my MS better (which it sounds like you’re getting ready to do!). Good luck with your revisions and getting ready to query!


    • Thanks, Stephanie. Actually, I got the feedback yesterday and it was much better than I expected. Now to work on the revisions. I think I might need a calendar of DOOM too. You might be onto something with that 😉


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