The End Approaches.

I’m still working hard to make the dream come true. I’ve been very blessed with the support I’ve gotten, but now with the last week of my Indiegogo campaign rapidly approaching, the clock is ticking and I’m appealing to you.

This is a letter I shared with my extended family. I’m sharing it with you because in a way, I feel closer to you. After all, you visit me here.

Hi Cousin/Aunt/Uncle (I used the appropriate name here),

We need more books by Polish writers from Michigan on bookstore shelves (I’m appealing to their Polish pride because, even though none of our parents were born in Poland, we’re quite proud of our Polish heritage. And I’m appealing to their pride in Michigan, which is a great strategy because the Tigers are on fire right now) and I have a great a way to make that happen (this makes it sound like the fate of all Polish authors from Michigan rests in my hands. Another great strategy) I have the opportunity to share my novel, A Certain Slant of Light, with editors from major publishers in New York.

The board of the NYC Pitch Conference for Writers liked the synopsis and writing style of my book, A Certain Slant of Light and invited me to their conference. Only 65 writers out of hundreds of applicants (okay, this is no exaggeration) are accepted to the conference each year.

But as you know (Actually, I’m not sure how many of them know this), I have five children and this trip is beyond our budget (to put it mildly). To get to New York I need your support (Seriously) so I’ve started a campaign on Indiegogo to get donations to help defray the cost of the trip. (A fancy way of saying HELP)

I have less than two weeks left to reach my goal. You can help by:

Making a donation by clicking the A Certain Slant of Light link on the right.

Sharing it on Facebook and other social media.

Letting friends and the rest of our family know about it.

I’ve already reached over $2100 in donations, but time is running out and I need your help. I really appreciate anything (seriously) you feel called to do. (Even if it’s to answer my email in Polish, Scott)

Z Miłości (This means “With Love” in Polish. I thought that would really move them.)


family, clip art, five children

A surprisingly accurate likeness of the Webber family. Guess which one I am.


5 comments on “The End Approaches.

  1. Have faith, great works come from within, and motivation through fear or trepidation.
    Z Miłości


  2. Dawn, I’m part of a WP “tag” game where I have to list 3 authors with upcoming books. Do you want to be part of it? You get promoted and, in turn, you have to promote 3 other authors. Email me it you are up for it. dizzylorna@hotmail.com.


  3. Hi Dawn,
    I’m a writer (not Polish) but my husband is from Bydgoszcz. I hope you make it to the conference! We’re in NYC so if you need any tips of where to go, just let me know!
    Good Luck!
    All My Best,


    • Thanks, Jill. I actually did make it to the conference. I had a great time, made some awesome friends and learned a lot.

      Looking forward to reading more of your blog. I love your focus on Arthurian legend and words!


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