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Aggressive In A Passive Kind Of Way

I hate conflict. I hate conflict so much I will do anything to avoid it. That’s tough because conflict is an inevitable as death and taxes. I usually handle conflict in one of two ways (here I go getting mentally naked in public again. Something in blogging brings that out in me.) When conflict rears […]


The End Approaches.

I’m still working hard to make the dream come true. I’ve been very blessed with the support I’ve gotten, but now with the last week of my Indiegogo campaign rapidly approaching, the clock is ticking and I’m appealing to you. This is a letter I shared with my extended family. I’m sharing it with you […]


I Have a Muse. It’s Dr. Seuss.

I took a college level course in creative writing over the summer. A few hours of class were devoted to reading poetry. Except for two tokens poems by Robert Frost, they were all free verse. I liked some of the free verse but personally, I have a fondness for the classics: Tennyson, Dickinson, Frost. Free […]