Black Friday Blues

Black Friday comes but once a year
It sets the world upon its ear.
Sane people leave their home before
The dawning sun has yet drawn near.

Thanksgiving’s but a passing chore
A sacrifice to gods of more.
Windshields cleared of winter’s frost
We must be early to the store.

Employees tired and acting sauced
Cranky at the sleep they’ve lost,
Dream of running from their post
To flee from shoppers that accost.

Snaking lines from coast to coast
The winner buying up the most
The savings clearly worth the woe
Thanksgiving giving up the ghost.

Black Friday is Thanksgiving’s foe,
And so their armies each shall grow.
Visions of peace then let us show:
Both sides under the mistletoe

cat dog mistletoe


Disclaimer: There may be an ad/video visible below or above. I’m not sure because they are invisible from my account, but I know they appear to my readers with annoying frequency. I do not receive monetary compensation for the ad nor do I endorse it.  


6 comments on “Black Friday Blues

  1. SO cleverly done–and the message is loud and clear. This over-the-top season of consumerism is too much for me! 🙂


    • Hi Lorna,
      I agree. So does my daughter who had to be at work at 6:30 AM Black Friday. She had to leave Grandma’s right after Thanksgiving dinner ( a day earlier than the rest of us)
      Hope you had a happy Thanksgiving!


  2. Very nice! I would love to include this in the “Written in the Mitten” Antholgy…May I?


  3. Exellent and on a very powerful theme. The irony of clipping the wings of one of America’s great festivals by forcing workers to man the shops early, and on a day they should be with their families, is one of the sad aspects of life in the 21st century. almost all festivals are drowning in commercialism now.


    • Thank you. Well said.

      The point of Thanksgiving at its beginning was to give thanks to God for our blessings. But I think that focus has been lost. Nobody’s sure anymore who exactly they’re thanking and why. If there’s no clear point to it, it makes the holiday easier to discard.


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