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And Now A Word From Our Ghost Sponsor

I was visiting a friend and she was telling about someone she’d seen on TV, it was either a politician or House (Hugh Laurie) and she said, “He can be so nasty. He reminds me of you.” I acted more shocked than I was, and she said, “Well, you do have a reputation for being […]

Courting Temptation in the Realm of the Probable

Things happen that are outside the realm of probability (although not to me). Real people win the lottery, survive lightening strikes, write bestsellers and marry princes. Truth can be stranger than fiction, but fiction can’t be stranger than truth. There are few things more annoying than a movie with plot holes large enough to drive […]

Thanks For the Memories

Thanksgiving is the the quiet, pastoral younger sibling to that jubilant, festive darling, Christmas. There’s a calmness surrounding Thanksgiving, like a deep breath before the whirlwind of the approaching holiday. I look out my window at the bare tree branches and gray sky and snapshots of Thanksgivings past roll through my mind. The smell of turkey […]

Grinched to the Max

What do the following  have in common? Jon Bon Jovi for his hair. John Steinbeck for his writing. Mother Theresa for her unconditional love. Celine Dion for her voice. Justin Verlander for his pitching. Any drummer for their talent. They’re all people I admire for some quality they possess and I lack. Then there’s Max. You […]

Each to His Passion

We are each created with a spark inside of us. Some of us try to ignore it. Maybe we think it’s something to be ashamed of. Whatever the reason, it remains a tiny ember occasionally flaring up, leaving us feeling as though we did something embarrassing in public. Some of us fan the spark and […]

A Lulu of a Story

I heard about a short story contest from and I half-heartedly kicked around some ideas. Short stories are entirely different animals than novels. Novels are the domesticated well-behaved animals. Short stories are the wild ones, hard to tame. And this contest allowed only 600 words. Each word of the story becomes very important. What […]

Behind the Hype– SETs, STDs, and Lurkers.

Blogging is not the easy, jot-down-your-thoughts, hit-the-publish-button, and out-it-bursts-into-the-blogosphere-like-a-newborn-babe, it appears to be. Creating a post can be like creating a baby. At times, it’s so enjoyable and exciting you never want to stop. If you weren’t so tired you’d write another one right away. Occasionally it can be tedious. You close your eyes and […]