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I Think I’ll Celebrate.

It’s something I swore I’d never do. And I meant it. I had a million reasons not to do it and I could have come up with a million more if I put my mind to it. Of course, I ended up doing it. Now I’m celebrating my seven month anniversary of doing it. It, […]


The Price Tag on a Gift

I know it sounds crazy, but I look forward to Christmas shopping because every year my sister-in-law and I celebrate the joys that are Christmas shopping and gift wrapping, together. It’s a staple of our Christmas season, but I fear it’s a tradition that’s coming unraveled. Things have went swimmingly for years. Granted, we only […]


Time Warped

Time was the enemy when we were kids. It dragged on interminably the weeks before Christmas, then flew by with supersonic speed the weeks of vacation. Remember how the tortuous hours in the car driving to the destination seemed to last much longer than the vacation itself? And in the previous millennium, it took forever to […]


I Dated a Married Man (Successfully)

He asked me to go out for a drink. His newest client owned a tavern. “I want to check it out,” he told me. “Will you come with me?” Spending time alone with him sounded intriguing. So I joined him. We shared an appetizer and I got a glass of wine. He drank a beer […]


A Descent to Hope

The descent began innocuously enough– a hint of anger, sadness or impatience tingeing the day. Moods that typically faded with a laugh or a good night’s sleep, sometimes boded much worse. She never knew what triggered it, although she could blame a myriad of things (stress, lack of sleep, hormones, a trip to the grocery […]


The Life and Death of a Friendship

The first time we met was over the phone. She’d called to inquire about a group I belonged to, but we ended up talking about other things. She and I clicked. We still clicked when we met a week later. We were surprised by all we had in common. She loved the Gilmore Girls, and […]