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Procrastination: The Art of the Thank You Not

I am not a rule breaker by nature. Not because I’m especially good, but because I’m afraid of getting caught. I make sure to abide by the unspoken rule of foot etiquette: my toes are polished and my heels are smooth when I wear sandals. I hate this rule. But I don’t break it. The […]


Happily Ever After?

Once upon a time there was a girl that dreamed of falling in love with Mr. Right and living happily ever after. She grew up and met a boy. He was cute and funny, and they could talk for hours. They began spending a lot of time together and when they weren’t together, they were […]


The Most Dangerous Game

There was a game I played often. It was the game of “What if…” “What if…” is a simple game and depending on the prize you seek, it can be fun and rewarding. But if love is the prize you seek, “What if…” is the most dangerous of games. I used to play “What if…” […]


Not For the Faint of Heart

I loved a boy in high school. My family moved to a new town in the middle of my freshman year, and I saw him for the first time at the bus stop. I could see his house from my bedroom window. The worst night of my life was the night he took another girl […]



I was mulling over topics for my next blog post when my muse paid a short visit. “How about a post on re-do’s. You know, things you would go back and re-do if you could.” “It’s called a do-over. Not a re-do,” I informed her. “Whatever,” she said. Then she was gone. I’ve got to […]


The Great Pumpkin Dilemma

It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown is one of my favorite shows. When I was a child, before VCR’s, cable, and other magical technology, it aired once a year. If you were unlucky enough to miss your favorite show (The Wizard of Oz, The Grinch, Cinderella, etc.), your entire year was ruined.  Our lives were […]