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Death: A Figment of My Imagination?

One of the characters died in the book I’m writing. Not just a character, someone very close to me: a unique individual, a beloved friend. I see the death, aftermath and funeral clearly in my mind at various (usually inconvenient) times or places throughout the day and tears may trickle down my cheeks or I […]

The Importance of Reading Ernest

After I read The Paris Wife, the novel about Ernest Hemingway’s first marriage, I became intrigued and somewhat obsessed with the Hemingway legacy. I have an endearing habit (I think it’s endearing; my family has other words for it) of becoming obsessed by details of things that interest me. There was the time we watched […]

The Poison of Muses

I made a traumatic discovery: my muse ran away. If you have any sort of creative bent, you will find you have a muse– a gardening muse, an artistic muse, a dancing muse (which I think would be the most awesome, after the musical muse). Muses are as unique as the people they inspire. My […]