Real Men

OK. I’m going to let you in on a secret. There is a vast conspiracy to turn men into–WOMEN.

There's nothing wrong with men being masculine!

I became aware of this conspiracy after watching the movie What Women Want. Male chauvinist, Nick Marshall (Mel Gibson’s character) is transformed, not from chauvinist to real man, but from chauvinist to real woman. In the end, it seems, we women want another woman.

Now don’t get me wrong. With the exception of my husband, my best friends are women. And I love them all. And we have great times together. But there is not one of them I’d want to be married to. And I guarantee none of them want to be married to me.

We women know guys can be jerks. Even guys are aware of their jerkiness. Unfortunately, guys don’t have sole proprietorship of jerkdom. The most painful broken heart I’ve ever had, was caused by my best girlfriend. And I know I’ve caused my share of migraines in my girlfriends. It has nothing to do with gender and everything to do with humanity.

A Feminine Female Is Good Too.

There is a place is this world meant to be filled by men, just like there is a place in this world meant to be filled by women. To prevent extinction, society needs women AND men. Although their importance for the survival of the human species is equal, their roles are not the same nor were they ever intended to be the same. All you need to do is compare male and female anatomy to see the proof of this.

When did it become abnormal for boys to be masculine and girls to be feminine? Parents hiding the gender of their baby, women using their sons as transgender role models in advertisements in which their sons are made effeminate. It’s bad enough we females have to keep our toes polished and heels pumiced. Do we really want to place this burden on our sons as well?

I hope she taught him to pumice his heels as well.

As for me, I’m grateful I’ve never had to wear a jockstrap. Imagine the panty lines left from that contraption.


9 comments on “Real Men

  1. I’m a real man and I approve of this message.


  2. I agree things are better when either sex does’nt try to be like the other. Make up on men. No thanks


  3. Is the first man Gabriel Aubry?!

    I loved this post! I think my roommate wishes her boyfriend was more like a girl. I always found that strange. Although, I do think it’s odd that men get away with a lot of things ‘just because they’re men’, but I suppose there is an argument about women from men, too. As always.


    • Thanks, Ashley.

      Yes, it’s Gabriel Aubry. Noticed a few pictures of him on your blog, I think 😉

      I like your comment, especially the “as always”, because you’re right. It’s the one thing between men and women that will never change,


  4. Excellent post 🙂 I agree wholeheartedly.


  5. […] few days ago I was replying to a blog comment. The post, Real Men, and the photo of Gabriel Aubry were visible on the screen. My two older daughters (D¹ and D²) […]


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