Everlasting Gratitude

To All Those Who Have Served In The Military of the United States of America, Their Families and Loved Ones,

On behalf of my family, myself, and countless others, I would like to thank you. I have nothing but respect and admiration for the service you and your families have graced our nation with.

Your sacrifice is not just for past service or for the present day and age. Your sacrifice has been for something much greater than that. You are part of a legacy, that in some way beyond our understanding, will remain etched forever in the very fabric of the world and time. You are defending not just people, but a nation, an ideal, a history and the liberty characterized by them.

Never let anyone make you feel your service is in someway wrong or ignoble. The sacrifices you and your family have made for us and for our nation will always be noble, respected and above reproach by those of us not present during the situations you have had to face and base decisions on.

How can a civilian judge you? We, who sleep in our own beds each night and go about our lives without having to combat any enemy. We have not witnessed the terrors you have, lived in the conditions you have, gone without the necessities you have, or suffered the aching absence of loved ones in the way you have. We are ignorant of what you and your family have endured for our sakes. It would be reprehensible to pronounce judgments against you based on trite sound bites, a handful of photographs or few minutes of video, or on the opinions of a few people. Ours is not to judge you. That is the responsibility of others who have been appointed to judge those situations called into question. Ours, as citizens of the nation you defend, is to support and honor you and your family, for you have truly laid down your life for us and our children.

Forgive us when we have forgotten you, neglected you, judged you harshly and minimized your sacrifice and commitment. Your duty may seem unappreciated here and now, but it is forever part of something greater than this time and place along with all those other heroes who have served in their due time.

With Everlasting Gratitude,
Dawne Webber


6 comments on “Everlasting Gratitude

  1. Beautifully said!


  2. Very nice. I’m British but the same thing applies


  3. Thank you so much Dawne.
    I know when I talk to my husband on the phone tonight, he will be humbled by your appreciation. Keep us in your prayers.


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