Endless Summer

After the long, stressful yet boring winter, I’m  looking forward to summer more than  ever before. School and other winter commitments are dying off quickly, leaving summer stretching out before me like a vast orange-gold sunset.  There are so many things I want to do, I’ve decided to make a list. A summer to-do list (things we want to do) is much more enjoyable than a  list of New Year’s resolutions (things we should do).

OK, here goes:

1. I want to spend hours at the bookstore and find some good fiction and interesting non-fiction to read.

2. I want to finish the aforementioned books. Preferably outside with a refreshing beverage.

3. I want to spend lots of time outside with my kids.

4. I want to write, write, write.

5. I want to make lessons plans for next year that I’m excited about.

6. I want to spend LOTS of time relaxing on the patio or the hammock with my husband, a glass of wine, and maybe some Cheez-its.

7. I want the kids to keep up on math drill and reading over the summer. It makes going back to school in the fall much easier. Unfortunately, I rarely stick to this plan. But it’s a new summer and anything is possible.

8. Going to an outdoor concert sounds really good.

9. I want to get enough sleep, BUT still get up early  and go to bed late. Does anyone know how to add three more hours to a day?

7. I want to spend time with friends and catch up with the ones I haven’t seen in a while.

8. I want to go to a Detroit Tigers game. Hey, we’re doing that tonight (Good luck, Brennan). Tomorrow I can officially cross one thing off this list. That’s great incentive to do the rest.

Even so, doing it all seems a bit ambitious. But I’ll have fun trying.

Summer’s  stretching endlessly before you. What are your plans to enjoy it?


4 comments on “Endless Summer

  1. I like your list, Dawne! And, it actually sounds doable!

    My list includes “wannas” and “haftas”.

    Wanna put some flowers in the ground.
    Wanna spend some family time fishing, camping, swimming, grilling.
    Wanna go to open-mic nights with my daughter, so she can perform.
    Wanna hang out with friends sipping some cold, tasty beverages.
    Wanna learn to use my new suite of creative software.
    Wanna make time to create some art.
    Wanna decorate my bathroom.

    Hafta paint the dining room and bathroom and freshen the other rooms.
    Hafta stain the deck.
    Hafta clean the carpets,
    Hafta purge a lot of “stuff” from our house.
    Hafta plan and organize school for next year. (This usually moves to the “wanna” list by July. Just not quite there yet with school not over yet.)

    Too ambitious? I guess I’ll know the outcome come September!


  2. OK let’s get this straight. I’m pretending right now there are NO “haftas”. Cold reality will set in soon enough. 😥


  3. It’s a good list. If you get some of them done it will bea good time. Having the right agenda is half the battle


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