The Ubiquitous Earworm–A Ballad

Although an earworm  is a pest,
An insect it is not.
It has not wings, nor tail, nor legs.
It can’t destroy a crop.

The tune that’s stuck inside your head,
The one you can’t force back
That’s an earworm going wild
Engaged in an attack.

The earworm knows how best to peeve
With music, tune or song.
Its repetition you can’t stop
The earworm’s life prolong.

On and on the song spins ’round
With a psychotic roar.
More bearable, a song you like
Than one that you abhor.

I know not how to  rid one’s mind
of earworm’s nasty sway.
It has the upper hand it seems,
Thanks to YMCA.

Be kind ubiquitous earworm,
endowed with chilling might.
Haste, back to Village People.
I cannot win this fight.

Dedicated to my own dear 24/7 earworm.

PS-Since receiving a comment about Curly, I’ve had The Curly Shuffle trolling through my brain. AAHHHH! 😮


5 comments on “The Ubiquitous Earworm–A Ballad

  1. LOL, Dawne! This is hilarious! You’re so creative. AACK about the curly shuffle. That would be torture. 😉

    BTW, did I forget to tell you I have an award for you over at my blog today? I thought I put it in a comment (I had so many peeps to contact, I guess I got confused). Anyway, when you have time, please stop by and pick it up! There are no strings attached at all. It’s a gift. 🙂


  2. Thank you so much, Anita. I didn’t see the comment, but sometimes they’re too easy to miss.


  3. Ubiquitous Earworm
    (Sung to the tune “Eleanor Rigby”)
    For Dawne

    Eleanor Rigby
    Playing again and again in my head all the day
    Won’t go away

    I have an earworm
    Endlessly hearing a song rolling ’round in my head
    Wish I were dead

    All these silly earworms
    Where do they all come from?
    Another silly earworm
    Go back where you belong

    Shopping at Kroger
    Hoping a song that I like will come on the P.A.
    It’s not my day

    It’s Eleanor Rigby
    Just as I’m passing the razors in mid aisle five
    I start to cry

    This ridiculous earworm
    Is plugged into my brain
    Please ubiquitous earworm
    You’re driving me insane

    I’ll change the lyrics
    My new favorite Tiger happens to be Brennan Boesch
    What rhymes with Boesch?

    Walking through Produce
    No inspiration among the cucumbers and kale
    And butternut squash

    My ridiculous earworm
    Please put something else on
    My ubiquitous earworm
    Play some Kings of Leon


  4. Thank you, Dave.
    Your talent is inspiring. I knew you would find a way to fit Brennan Boesch in there.


  5. before i even saw who wrote that i knew it was you.


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