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Everlasting Gratitude

To All Those Who Have Served In The Military of the United States of America, Their Families and Loved Ones, On behalf of my family, myself, and countless others, I would like to thank you. I have nothing but respect and admiration for the service you and your families have graced our nation with. Your […]

Advice You Didn’t Know You Needed

Our society has, at its disposal, easy access to a wealth of information. Despite this, once glance at some of the headlines floating around might have us believe we still don’t know much. In fact, how our clueless human species has managed to survive without these helpful answers and articles remains a mystery. With your […]

Is Acceptance The Answer?

The thunderstorms had passed, the breeze was balmy and we had fifth row seats behind right field and Brennan Boesch, my Tiger (he plays right field). It promised to be the perfect evening for a baseball game–until the young guy in front of me began taunting a player from the opposing team warming up near […]

Endless Summer

After the long, stressful yet boring winter, I’m  looking forward to summer more than  ever before. School and other winter commitments are dying off quickly, leaving summer stretching out before me like a vast orange-gold sunset.  There are so many things I want to do, I’ve decided to make a list. A summer to-do list (things we […]

I Know It By Heart

Last Kiss by Wednesday. A song about a boy and a girl on a date. They get into a car accident and the girl dies in the boy’s arms. I was about nine years old when I taped it from the radio–and played it over and over and over. “Hey, watch this,” I told my […]

The Death of Special

Dear Special, I’m writing to warn you that Ordinary is conspiring against you. I think he is trying to take over the world. He knows once you are gone, the world will be his. He uses different guises (Comfortable, Relaxing, Equality) with the same intent–Your demise. He’s scheming to get people to settle for the lowest […]

Do You Ever Wonder?

I  wonder… I look at those two words and I’m amazed by the endless possibilities they contain. Wonder. Breathed into the essence of every human being, wonder kindles the imagination. There is a freedom in wonder that draws each of us out of ourselves if we let it. Bursting with potential, it sets us on […]

Sweetness to Share.

I’m thrilled to share another award I received from another Ashley. Ashley Nixon awarded me the: I really enjoy her blog and visit it often. Her enthusiasm is inspiring and contagious! Requirements for this award: 1. Link it back to my giver. 2. Tell you seven things about me. 3. Award it to fifteen other […]

A Versatile Cool Cat.

Much to my surprise, I was given two blogging awards yesterday. I’ve been blogging for about a month. I really enjoy it, but still feel like such a newbie most of the time. Thanks Ashley and Anita for thinking of me. Ashley Graham awarded me with The Versatile Blogger award. When I started blogging, Ashley’s […]

The Ubiquitous Earworm–A Ballad

Although an earworm  is a pest, An insect it is not. It has not wings, nor tail, nor legs. It can’t destroy a crop. The tune that’s stuck inside your head, The one you can’t force back That’s an earworm going wild Engaged in an attack. The earworm knows how best to peeve With music, […]