Seven Things You Didn’t Know.

Last week, Anita Grace Howard  started a game of “blog-tag”. The topic, Seven Things You Might Not Know About Me, has garnered some very interesting responses from readers and bloggers alike. Ashley Graham joined the game on her blog with some surprising details about herself.

Now, I’m tagging you. If you have a blog and want to play, leave a comment so we can stop in and view your post. If you don’t have a blog or don’t want to play on your blog, take a minute to leave a comment and share something about yourself.

Here are seven things you might not have known about me.

1. I wanted to marry Moe Howard when I was four years old.

2. The small town I lived in when I was in fifth grade didn’t have a girls’ softball league. In protest, my best friend and I joined the boys’ baseball league. I was/am no athlete. What was I thinking?

3. I pulled an all-nighter reading THE SCARLET LETTER by Nathaniel Hawthorne. THE SCARLET LETTER a page turner? I couldn’t put it down.  I re-read it a few years later, wanting to see if that first time was a fluke. It wasn’t.

4. The main character in my book bears an uncanny resemblance to my Rock Band avatar.

5. I love music but I can’t sing. I can’t even hum. Let me illustrate the true awfulness of my voice: I had to sing a solo for choir tryouts in junior high. I remember it vividly— the third verse from We Three Kings. When I was done, everyone burst out laughing.  Actually, this episode probably explains a lot…

6. I hate onions. Do you have any idea how many things are made with onions? There’s no escaping them.

7. Autumn is my favorite season: bright colors and indescribable blue skies, leaves crunching underfoot and the call of geese, the chill breeze that tickles bare skin and leaves goosebumps, and the wonderful aroma of wood burning fires, and musky leaves.  And nothing tastes better than freshly pressed cider and that first donut, warm from the fryer.


19 comments on “Seven Things You Didn’t Know.

  1. Hi! This is Wandrwoman from http://wandrwoman.wordpress.com. here are 7 things you might not know about me:

    1) I live and work in Themyscira (my ancestral Amazonian home) and in New York City.
    2) I am only distantly (2nd cousins once removed) related to Wonder Woman.
    3) Unlike Wonder Woman, I :
    -do not possess super human strength
    – am not fluent in every spoken language in the world
    -cannot beat off bullets with my bracelets of Aegis
    4) Like Wonder Woman, I possess the following traits:
    -animal empathy
    -regeneration (with the assistance of Neosporin and Band Aids)
    -resistance to magic
    5) I am an excellent relationship therapist with absolutely NO training, certification, or experience! Stop by my office on my site for a FREE consultation. You will be glad you did!
    6) In my spare time I write product reviews on Amazon.com
    7) I am aware that I am missing an “e” in my name. That’s how we spell it on Themyscira!


    • Thanks so much for the info on Wonder Woman. I wasn’t aware that she was fluent in every spoke language. I may take you up on that consultation. Since I’ve started blogging, I feel the need more and more for some kind of therapist.
      Also, about that missing “e”, I think my mom found it and used it for me.


  2. I was so relieved to find someone who thought Moe was cute. I thought I was doomed.


  3. Dawn, thanks so much for playing tag with us! I think your seven things are INCREDIBLE! Awww, felt a little sad for you when your singing got laughed out. 😉 And that’s so hilarious about Moe! LOL

    So nice to meet you!


    • Thanks, Anita. I had so much fun learning about other bloggers. I don’t feel too bad about the singing–better to learn it when I was young and resilient, than in front of millions on American Idol.

      Nice to meet you, too. I’m looking forward to reading the old and new on your blog.


  4. Moe suprised me . .. .I think I would have preferred Curly. He was so much more fun and a bit kinder ;-). I will look at you differently now!


  5. What’s not to like about The Scarlet Letter? Secret affairs, gossips, hypocrites…. Juicy stuff! Your list is great!


  6. You’re right. It has it all. I guess that’s why I like it so much ;o)


  7. Love your seven things, Dawne! Autumn is my favorite season, too! I decorate a ton, buy loads of mini gourds and fall candles, eat candy corn and peanuts together, make smores by the fire, drink pumpkin spice coffee and warm apple cider, and I *love* that crisp smell that accompanies the season. PLUS Christmas follows right afterwards. There’s no better time than Fall.

    I can’t believe you had a crush on Moe! LOL

    So glad you played! =)


  8. I have a special surprise for you on my blog today, Dawne! Come get it!


  9. Hi, Dawne! Just linked over from Anita’s post from yesterday. Congrats on the award. This should count as your seven reveals on your award, eh?

    I wanted to marry Davey Jones from the Monkeys when I was younger. He’s no Mo, but. 🙂


    • Thanks for the congrats. I was excited to receive it. Counting those last seven as my reveals is a great idea. I’ve been wondering what other seven I could use.

      Davy Jones was actually my crush after Moe. My taste seemed to improve as I got older.


  10. I liked Larry! I would watch those guys every day….


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