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Guilty Pleasures

We all have them. Guilty pleasures that we’re embarrassed to admit we indulge in or we admit to them with a sort of shameful pride.

These are the first three that came to mind in no particular order.

Guilty Pleasure 1-Tuesday evening, a box of Cheez-Its, a glass of wine, and What Not to Wear on the TV. I don’t watch much TV. It’s hard to get the remote in a house of seven. But my family knows not to mess with me when What Not to Wear is on. They also know not to mess with the Cheez-Its. If I’m in a good mood I’ll share.

Guilty Pleasure 2-Kings of Leon song “Sex on Fire”. The first time I heard it I didn’t quite catch all the lyrics, but I really liked the song (especially those drums!) I knew I couldn’t listen to it around the kids. Then I decided to look up the words. Wow. I was alone and I blushed. Now it is a guilty pleasure  I do without. I guess that makes it more of an ex-guilty pleasure.

Guilty Pleasure 3-I don’t exercise. I take great pleasure in that because I do not enjoy it. I’ve paid my dues. After wrestling with my weight for years, I got really serious about it. It took me about five years to lose forty pounds and keep it off. I stopped exercising for a while but I didn’t want my weight to creep back up so I started  again. Suddenly I was gaining weight. No, I wasn’t eating anymore than I had been. No, it wasn’t muscle. It was a paunchy little gut and my pants were too tight. So I stopped exercising, the paunch vanished and I haven’t gained any weight. That works for me.

Of course, I walk around in my four inch heels (that tones the calves) and I run up and down stairs all day. I think that  must count for something.

Potential Guilty Pleasure 4-D² (second child/second daughter) suggested that my penchant for rock ballads is a guilty pleasure. I disagree. There is no guilt or shame in liking and listening to (even if it’s a million times) a good rock ballad. In fact, I think this is a topic for another post: The Best Rock Ballads of All Time.

Do you have any guilty pleasures that you want to admit to? BTW-I’m not talking about adult guilty pleasures. There are other places to share those.


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