Inanely Important

It’s just around the corner. No, not bathing suit season. Flip-flop season.

OK, this needs some set-up. I’m short (barely five feet) and I like shoes. When I was in high school with very limited cash flow, I bought cheap stilettos and wore them often. Hence my problem– Bunions.

Feet With and Without Bunions

Well, I’m still short and I still love shoes and just to make things intersting my husband is six feet two inches tall. I still wear high shoes and I still have bunions. They are not pretty.

To hide the bunions, I fought the open toe shoe craze and I never wore open toe sandals in the summer. Talk about misery. Not the bunions. Trying to find gorgeous closed toe shoes and sandals.

The only plus is nobody ever saw my feet so I didn’t have to worry about what they looked like. I could ignore that obnoxious but hard-and-fast rule that says visible toes must be polished.

Last summer I threw in the towel, swallowed some of my pride and bought three pairs of open toe sandals. Then I headed out as fast as I could for a pedicure, the second one I’ve ever had.

The nail technician doing the pedicure told me that I had to be vigilant removing the dead skin from my feet, especially my heels. That is the tell-tale sign that a person is not taking care of their feet. It is the first thing people notice, even more than the polish. Seriously?

A few weeks ago I watched a video about fashion trends (clothing trends not shoe trends). Someone left a comment that they couldn’t believe the host’s dried out heels. Ouch.

Why are feet so important? Women who have more on their minds than what they wear (for example a mother with  lots of small children and very little free time), or women who are obviously not interested in fashion take the time to polish their toe nails in order to wear flip flops.  This is not a comment on how they choose to dress, rather on how extremely important foot decorum is in our society.

I understand that some woman want their feet to look nice. Polished toes and smooth feet certainly are more attractive. I don’t understand why this rule applies to everyone, even those of us who could care less.

I just don’t get it. Why is the appearance of a woman’s feet so important? Couldn’t the rule be something like eyes must have mascara or lips must be glossed? It would be so much easier.


Maybe this is the answer.


9 comments on “Inanely Important

  1. This is hilarious! The things I go through NOT to expose my unpumiced heels! (Including my “Anonymous” name here!) I once gave a pregnant friend some really nice foot cream as a gift to pamper herself a bit. Now, I’m sure hoping she didn’t take it the wrong way…


  2. I have the same problem. I have worn the same two pair of sandals for the last 4 summers because they are closed-toed and that way no one has to be subjected to my nasty looking feet. I had surgery on one foot 14 yrs. ago, and really need to get the other one done, but the expense and recovery time are stopping me. Maybe this will be the year I give in and get some new sandals-I think you’ve inspired me!


  3. The socks with sandals idea might catch on.
    Why don’t we all make a pact to start doing it this summer and see if it becomes the new “fashion craze”?
    We could do footies instead of mid-calf.
    Who is with me??


  4. Next time, prior to taking a picture of your avant-garde sox & sandals ensemble, please remember to shave your legs.


  5. This is just creepy. I don’t understand what you need sandals for. Just buy some bloody socks and a pair of shoes and get over it.
    P.S. Dad, shave your legs.


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