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Confabulate-Does Your Mother Know You Do It?

You may not have a nice singing voice or be able to paint a watercolor. But you can use words to sing a song without music or to paint an image in the mind.

The sound of some words is enough to send a small thrill through us. Are there certain words you are drawn to just because you like the way they sound or the way they feel rolling off your tongue?

Confabulate is a catchy, lyrical word. I heard my husband saying  it to himself a few times the other day. It just fun to say, even if you don’t know the meaning. It’s variations are neat sounding too: confabulating, confabulation,  confabulous (I just made that up).

Words also paint images in our minds. The right words can create an image just a vivid as any camera:

She was a scrawny woman with wisps of dishwater blonde hair hanging in her pale eyes.
She was a slender woman with silky blonde hair framing her limpid eyes.

“Confabulate” is my paint. It gives the exact nuance I’m after to describe this blog. Everything I want in one unusual word.

Confabulate means to “chat casually or hold a discussion”. It also means to “fill in gaps in memory by fabrication”.  The writer in me finds that last meaning very intriguing.

I could have used common, easily recognizable words to describe this blog:

A place to chat casually.
A place for discussion and some fabrication.

That’s not the image I want to paint for you. This is blog is: 

A place to confabulate.

I hope you’ll join me.


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