Detroit Tiger Curse

Chances are you’ve never heard of the “Detroit Tiger Curse” or where it came from. I can’t keep it to myself any longer. I need to tell someone.

I live in a suburb of Detroit. Everyone loves our baseball team, the Tigers. A few years ago the Tiger’s slogan was “Who’s your Tiger?”. Everyone had a Tiger. I decided I wanted one too.

I chose my first Tiger, Nate Robertson, after watching an interview with him. I knew he was the one for me. He seemed like such a nice guy with a nice smile. He was a very good pitcher too. And to top it off, his wife had just had a baby. He was a family man.

My first Tiger-Nate Robertson






I watched with dismay as his stats began to slide. I began to pray for him. He had a baby to support for heaven’s sake. When he got sent back to the minors, I cried.

My kids told me to get a another Tiger. As if it could be that easy. Did they not learn loyalty from me?

Even after Nate left the Tigers, it was a while before I could choose another. But the time came. Although I would never forget Nate, I had to have a new Tiger to cheer for. I was determined to pick one that would last. No pitchers. A young one. Good-looking wouldn’t hurt either.

I watched the games with an eagle eye. I didn’t pay attention to what was going on; just to the players.

Hey, number 26 just hit another home run! Who is he? Brennan. I love that name and he’s good looking (name and looks: the same strategy I use for choosing wine). I didn’t want to make a rash decision so I kept my eye on him. When I found out that he hit a home run his first time at bat in the major league just a month earlier, I made my choice. Brennan Boesch became my new Tiger. (I’m sorry, Nate).

Forgive me, Brennan

Things were great for a few months. His name was being bandied around for Rookie of the Year. Then the nightmare began again. Boesch hit 12 home runs and had 49 RBIs in the first half of the season. In the second half, he hit 2 home runs and had 18 RBIs. I had cursed him as well.

Brennan Boesch-My new Tiger

Officially, the “Who’s Your Tiger?” campaign was discarded a few years ago, but here we still have our Tigers and no front office can take that away from us.

As the 2011 season gets underway, I am faced with a dilemma. Can I be selfless? Do I relinquish Brennan Boesch in an effort to reverse the curse I’ve placed on him? Or do I selfishly hold on, and hope and pray during the season that the curse will be broken?

BTW-Click on the link to read a great interview with Brennan:


PS-I still miss you Nate.


12 comments on “Detroit Tiger Curse

  1. Well, this is an odd one to say the least!

    Joel Raes


  2. My two favorite baseball teams are:
    – The Detroit Tigers
    – Whoever is playing the Yankees

    So, could you please start rooting the Yankees? Also, stay away from Ordonez.


  3. Clarification-My son wrote these in an attempt to “curse” his sibling’s Tigers. We’re a little competitive over here.

    Um… ok.
    I think you should go for Cabrara next.

    Or Inge.


  4. Um . . . maybe you should retitle it “The Dawne Curse” . . .that poor tiger!




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