Rock star and Tiny Dancer

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be married to a rock star?

I admit to dreams in high school of a rock star wedding–like Elton John’s song, “Tiny Dancer”. That is the epitome of rock and roll matrimonial bliss.

Little, petite ballerina (she may be tiny, but to be rock star wife a certain part of her anatomy must be well-endowed) married to tall, gorgeous, long-haired Rockstar, with great biceps. Maybe he’s the drummer. (He wouldn’t look like Elton John, nothing personal.)

Rockstar is so besotted with Tiny Dancer. Yes, that is actually the first word that comes to mind when I think of him. You can just tell from the song that they have a great sex life. He would never cheat on her. She is always on his mind.

All day long she sews clothes for the guys in the band. I wonder how much of these guys she gets to see while she’s fitting them, but I know Tiny Dancer would never notice. She loves her Rockstar too much. I imagine she sews all their clothes by hand with meticulously even, strong, tiny stitches.  No machine for Tiny Dancer; it would not be practical on the bus.

What kind of things does she sew for the band? Rockstar cannot be a KISS wannabe or a glam-rocker with glittery leggings and nipple-baring silk tanks. He is a tight jeans kind of guy. Plain tanks or cool t’s (NOT Plain White T’s). Maybe she’s just along to mend the rips in the tight jeans (or even make strategic, stylish rips) and darn the sheets of linen and the socks.

She dances in the sand while Rockstar sits on a rotting log and watches with admiration. She is the most beautiful, delicate, well-endowed creature he has ever seen. But he doesn’t join her; he’s too awkward.  Soon the bus is gassed up and it’s time to leave the beach and head to the next gig. Tiny Dancer sits next to Rockstar and leans against his six-pack abs while she threads a needle or reads a book. If it’s dark, she can count the headlights; she finds it very relaxing after her busy day.

She yawns and Rockstar looks down at her with love in his eyes. Then he puts his pen back to the paper and finishes the beautiful rock love song he is writing for her. Actually, I think he’s using an iPad.

Does she know women throw their bras at him every night?

This is a parody.

Wikipedia says: Often, the most satisfying element of a good parody is seeing others mistake it for the genuine article.

I thought this was very obviously a parody, until my husband and best friend took it literally and thought I was reliving “misty-eyed high school memories” (husband’s exact words). The people who know me best took it much more seriously than I intended.

I am curious how the people who don’t know me took it. What was your reaction? Did you realize it was a parody or did you take it seriously? Thanks!

Want to see the song? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hoskDZRLOCs Can you believe he was ever that young!?

Watch Stefano Langone sing it on this week’s American Idol: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=od5odyXqZeM


8 comments on “Rock star and Tiny Dancer

  1. Vivid thoughts. I had to listen to Elton’s song after I read your post!


  2. Thanks, Laura. It’s still a great song, isn’t it.


  3. Not a fan of the song, your post was funny though. I loved that Tiny Dancer was hand sewing the clothes!


  4. Maybe one of these days the manager of the band will break down and buy her a machine. Still not sure how she’d use it on the bus though.


  5. Can you write a parody about ironing next?


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