December 19, 2011

A Blast From the Ghost of Christmas Past

Posted in Music tagged , , , , at 9:09 AM by Dawne Webber

It’s the last week of 2011 and it promises to be the most stressful.  So I invite you to take five minutes (and a deep breath), relax and watch this blast from the past (1978 to be exact). It’s worth it just to watch Bruce Springsteen having some fun. It takes a minute (literally) to get going, so you can skip ahead a minute or you can close your eyes for a little sixty-second doze.

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  1. Nice. :)


  2. Larry Lilly said,

    I am more of the Cheech and Chong “Santa Claus and His Old Lady” Christmas classic….Once upon a time, about, hmmm, five years ago, there was this groovy dude. And has name was Santa Claus, y’know? And he used to live over in the Projects with his old lady, and they had a pretty good thing together. Because his old lady was really fine, and she could cook and all that….

    He used ta hook them onto da sled, and then he
    Used ta stand up inside da sled and hold on to da reins, and then call
    Out their names, like, “On, Donner! On, Blitzen! On, Chewy! On, Tavo!
    C’mon, Becto!” And then, the reindeers used ta take off into da sky and
    Fly across da sky, man!


    • Dawne Webber said,

      On Christmas Eve all my cousins, my brothers and I would go down to the basement and listen to Cheech and Chong— over and over. And all the boys tried to imitate them.

      Thanks for the memory.


  3. I’ve really enjoyed your Blog and meeting you throught it this year so I’m stopping by to wish you a very happy Christmas


    • Dawne Webber said,

      I’ve enjoyed confabulating with you this year. I hope your new year is filled with the joy of writing!


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