December 24, 2011

Christmas Bells

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Christmas Bells Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

December 19, 2011

A Blast From the Ghost of Christmas Past

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It’s the last week of 2011 and it promises to be the most stressful.  So I invite you to take five minutes (and a deep breath), relax and watch this blast from the past (1978 to be exact). It’s worth it just to watch Bruce Springsteen having some fun. It takes a minute (literally) to get going, so you can skip ahead a minute or you can close your eyes for a little sixty-second doze.

December 13, 2011

Avoiding the Muse

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I guess you could consider this a guest post since the writer of this blog has gone AWOL. I’ve been trying to get in touch with her for days but she’s not taking any of my calls.

Oh, I guess I should tell you who I am. I’m Dawne’s Muse. I apologize for her disappearance, but I’m sure she’ll be back posting at the beginning of the year.

Meanwhile, I’ll be attending the semi-annual Muse Retreat and Convention with my fellow muses. If your muse is missing over the holidays, chances are they’re attending as well. We always have a great time recharging our “inspiration batteries” and swapping ideas. I’m hoping to get John Steinbeck’s Muse’s autograph while I’m there and a glimpse of Stephenie Meyer’s Muse.  But I’ll make sure to keep my distance; I’ve heard some “interesting” things about her. 

Dawne and I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and we look forward to confabulating with you in 2012.

Peace and Blessings,
Dawne’s Muse

PS- I thought coming up with the inspiration was the hard part of writing. But the actual writing of the thing is more difficult than I thought. Don’t let Dawne know, or she’ll never let me hear the end of it.

Writing, blog muse

Writing the actual post is not in my job description

December 3, 2011

Clara Cracks Some Nuts

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Today I took D³ to see the Nutcracker Ballet for her first time. She was focused on the dancing, but I was focused on Clara. Clara is relegated to her little throne in The Land of Sweets for most of the second act, with nothing to do but watch the ballet and listen to the music.  She may smile graciously and applaud delicately like a princess, but you know her mind is buzzing around like a bee in a flower garden.

Nutcracker ballet, Clara

"They'll never believe this at school."

When the Nutcracker Princes crowns her, Clara smiles serenely, but she’s thinking, “They’ll never believe this at school.” Later as she reaches to adjust the glittering crown, she mutters, “This crown is killing me. But I’ll bet it looks awesome.”

As the Nutcracker Prince dances for Clara and the Sugar Plum Fairy, Clara watches with wide eyes. “Forget Team Jacob or Team Edward. I’m on Team Nutcracker Prince now.” Then she remembers her horrid little brother and a smirk plays across her face (it’s quickly masked by a gracious smile), “I think I’ll have Nutcracker Prince dance on Fritz’s face when we get back.”

Mikhail Baryshnikov ballet

"Forget Team Edward!"

Clara watches the Sugar Plum Fairy with annoyance— “That Sugar Plum Fairy is such a show off. But her tutu is to die for.”— before her attention is captured by the Arabian dancers (actually, just the male dancer). “Who is that? Hmmm, I think I want to meet him.”

Arabian Dance Nutcracker Ballet

"Who's that?"

She eagerly awaits the end of the performance, until she realizes the Nutcracker is dancing the Pas de Deux with the Sugar Plum Fairy. Clara’s smile wavers. “Why is he dancing with her? He never looked at me that way. Hey, where’s his head?”

Sugar Plum Fairy Nutcracker Prince Pas de Deux

"Hey, where's his head?"

Clara is filled with bitter fury. “It’s not fair. I loved him when he was an ugly little nutcracker.”
As the ballet draws to an end Clara smiles and waves, graciously accepting the Nutcracker Prince’s hand and the bows and curtsies of the dancers. But you know when the curtain closes there will be hell to pay.

The curtain draws to a close, but the show isn't over for the Nutcracker.


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