November 9, 2011

A Lulu of a Story

Posted in Writing tagged , , , , , , at 12:48 PM by Dawne Webber

I heard about a short story contest from and I half-heartedly kicked around some ideas. Short stories are entirely different animals than novels. Novels are the domesticated well-behaved animals. Short stories are the wild ones, hard to tame. And this contest allowed only 600 words. Each word of the story becomes very important. What kind of story can you possibly write with 600 words?

I’d decided to forget it. But, suddenly, a brilliant, blinding flash sparked inside my weary, little mind. It was inspiration for a story that was an offshoot of A Voice Among the Thorns, the book I’m currently working on.

Daisy Fell weighed in at exactly 598 words.  It has officially been entered in the Lulu Short Story Contest. (For all the writers out there: it’s open until December 1.)

Young adult short story.

That tiny blob in the corner is my name.

I invite you to read it and share it with others if you think it’s worth sharing.  I’m especially interested in your thoughts on it, the good and the bad for sure and the ugly if you must.  Leave your feedback as a comment on this post or my Facebook page, or in an email.

To get Daisy Fell, click here. I can’t wait to confabulate about it, or about your contest entry.

Some technical stuff:

  • Winners are selected by a panel of Lulu judges. It’s not a contest based on the number of downloads or clicks it receives.
  • It’s a free eBook download.
  • You can’t read it directly on-line.
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  1. Chris G. said,

    Interesting – wish you all the best of luck, and thanks for the heads up on the contest. Always on the look out for new places to showcase a touch of word smithing, and I somehow missed that Lulu was hosting. Correcting that error now!


    • Dawne Webber said,

      Good luck to you too. If you find a way to check out other entries, let me know. I’d love to read some other stories, but I can’t find any!

      And give me the info for your entry. I’d like to read it, as well.

      Thanks for stopping by.


  2. Dave said,

    I liked the story, although I must admit you’ve never said so much in only 598 words in our entire relationship. Now I know why you like novels.

    Additionally, for those that are interested you can download a free ereader to your iPhone call Stanza and read Dawne’s story and others as well.


    • Dawne Webber said,

      You always tell me to take everything you say in the best possible light. I’m having a little trouble with this one.

      Thanks for the clarification about downloading to you’re iphone.


      • Dave said,

        You misquote me, m’dear. What I say is, “If I say something that can be taken in more than one way, and one of those ways makes you angry, that’s not how I meant it.”


      • Dawne Webber said,

        I wasn’t quoting (there weren’t any quotation marks) I was paraphrasing. And don’t change the subject.


  3. Very best of luck with that. I’m going to read your story now, which I know seems the wrong way round but I started commenting before I could stop myself


  4. Dawne Webber said,

    Thanks Peter. I hope you didn’t have trouble reading it, although getting to the story seems to be more technical than I thought it would be and I know you’re history with technical stuff ;)


  5. Congratulations and good luck on the contest. You know you’ll never win if you don’t enter, right?


    • Dawne Webber said,

      Thanks, Lorna. That’s a good point and even if I don’t win, I had fun just writing it.


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