November 2, 2011

Behind the Hype– SETs, STDs, and Lurkers.

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Blogging is not the easy, jot-down-your-thoughts, hit-the-publish-button, and out-it-bursts-into-the-blogosphere-like-a-newborn-babe, it appears to be. Creating a post can be like creating a baby. At times, it’s so enjoyable and exciting you never want to stop. If you weren’t so tired you’d write another one right away. Occasionally it can be tedious. You close your eyes and push the publish button, glad that the effort to just get it done is behind you.

Toddler playing drums

I love this picture!

But blogging is more complicated than creating a baby. There’s much more to it than writing and clicking “publish”. For example, the terms people use in search engines such as Google, have a great impact on a blog. Dave Grohl is a huge part of my blog. The terms “Dave Grohl drums” and “Dave Grohl drumming” chauffeur an amazing amount of people here. In fact, they’re the top two search engine terms (SET’s) that refer people to my blog.  “Bunion” is a close second. That my blog is so closely associated with bunions leaves a warm fuzzy feeling in the pit of my stomach.

Dave Grohl, vulture, drum kit

Obligatory photo of Dave Grohl

Not everyone is searching for something as mundane as Dave Grohl’s drum kit (although it is enhanced by a vulture), or Brennan Boesch’s girlfriend (I don’t know who she is, people!). There are some very interesting individuals searching for some very colorful things.  A few of the more bizarre terms that led to my blog include:

“women who polish their husbands toes”
“stop drop and roll does not work in hell lyrics”
“he waited two years till first sex”

And the winner of the most bizarre search term used to find my blog:

“first time outside crossdressing cool air sound of my heels”

I did my own web and image search on this term just to see what else popped up. I didn’t see my blog listed, but when I searched under images I came across Michelle.

Michelle Obama

This photo was on the seventh page of the image search.

Referrers are another necessity in the blogger’s world. Referrers are other blogs and web sites that link to your blog. A short time after I began blogging, I noticed some strange looking referrers. They became my favorites because they were generating half of my traffic. I was crushed when I found out they were “spam referrers”. They seem to have the same purpose in the blogosphere as the tiny annoying pests that inhabit the real world, such as mosquitoes and lice.

WordPress strongly advises a blogger to report spam referrers so that they can be blocked from using WordPress blogs for their devious purposes. This caused an ethical dilemma for me. Follow the rules and weed out the spammers (I am a rule follower by nature) or keep the spam referrers because it makes my blog look like it’s getting twice the hits it’s actually getting. In the end, I opted for justice for the spam scum, but there are days when my stats are so low I long for a few spam referrers just to perk me up.

stop spam

Spam: It’s not welcome here.

At one time I thought the number of comments a blog had was indicative of the amount of traffic that blog got– comments equal blog life.  “Poor little unread blog,” I used to think about the blogs with few comments. Then I became the blogger, and I could see the amount of traffic stopping by my blog daily. And that number in no way corresponded to the dismal number of comments I was receiving. I still don’t get many comments, but I have a lot of lurkers. A “lurker” is an affectionate term bloggers use to describe readers that don’t make themselves known by posting comments.

I was a lurker myself for a while. Before I began writing my blog, I read blogs. But I had no desire to leave a comment. Who cared what I had to say? Hadn’t the blogger said it all in the post? Then I read a blog post about Christian Louboutin heels for Barbies, and I felt compelled to comment. I was too nervous to type my comment cold-turkey on-line. It took two days of editing a Word Doc. to perfect my first comment: “Those are the only Louboutin’s I’ll ever be able to afford”. After that, I wrote and edited all my comments before posting them, until I began writing my own blog and realized comments didn’t need to be perfect. Posts did. (In a perfect blogosphere anyway).

There is so much more I could tell you. My battle with the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) monster, and the disappearing blogroll.  One of these days, when my muse is AWOL and I’m desperate for a post,  I’ll let you in on that hype, too.

PS– In case you’re wondering about the STD’s in my headline, it was an underhanded ploy for some traffic. I may fight spam, but I’m not against a little hype.

Disclaimer: There may be an ad/video visible below or above. I’m not sure because they are invisible from my account, but I know they appear to my readers with annoying frequency. I do not receive monetary compensation for the ad nor do I endorse it.  


  1. Kaitlin said,

    Haha, an offhanded joke reference to Tyrone Biggums has probably led to more than 200 hits on our blog. I should try this more often.


    • Dawne Webber said,

      It’s funny how those offhand things work. I wrote something about Linus and the great pumpkin in September and last week that post got over 300 hits.


  2. Larry Lilly said,

    I read somewhere on the net that the number one person when clicked on to see nekid pics actually results in the most spam/virus/malware is Heidi Klum.

    So now that I have spoken her name here, your traffic should rise exponentionally.

    Thank you, thank you very much! LOL


    • Dawne Webber said,

      Thanks for thinking of me and my stats, Larry. I’ll let you know how it goes. I just hope my blog doesn’t get a reputation ;)


  3. Dave said,

    Supreme Executive Chairman Lurker Dave reporting in.


    • Dawne Webber said,

      I’m sorry, dear, but if you leave comments, you’re not a lurker. You can be the Supreme Executive Chairman of Comments.


  4. Dave said,

    Actually, now that I think of it, you should create a post using the words “Lindsay Lohan” somewhere in it, I sense another storm coming from that direction.


    • Dawne Webber said,

      Ok, I just want to point out that the goal of my blog isn’t the traffic. It’s just a nice perk. And I’d rather not have to waste my time discussing L. L. There are so many things that are more interesting. I’ve actually been pondering Max…

      Thanks for the thought tho’.


  5. I bet you’ll get more traffic and more crazy search terms from this post alone. Great post and catchy (get, it, catch?) title! :)

    By the way, I never lurk. If I take the time to read, I want that hard-working blogger to know that this hard-working blogger was there! ;)


    • Dawne Webber said,

      Yeah, I didn’t think that through. Today’s terms were some of the raunchiest ever. Live and learn I guess.

      I like your attitude about lurking, but sometimes I don’t have time to leave comments. I guess in those cases “liking” the post would be a better alternative than lurking.


  6. said,

    I so see agree with you on so many aspects in this post. I found you at Ducky’s blog, when you wrote we seem to become more forgiving as we get older. Strangely enough, the term that brings most traffic to my site is ‘let’s eat grandma’. How Random is that? Apparently it has to do with one of my favorite headlines: Let’s eat, Grandma! or Let’s eat Grandma! Punctuation Saves Lives.

    Some of my best posts have gotten lots views and no comments. I’m starting to get used to the idea of having lurkers but I still prefer when people comment.

    Have a nice day.



    • Dawne Webber said,

      Duck’s blog is a treasure, isn’t it.

      I love your post headline about eating Grandma or eating, Grandma, although it makes me wonder what kind of people search for ‘let’s eat grandma’. Can’t wait to check out the post!

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting :)


  7. Ah. Thanks for the nice comments. I’m pretty useless at using internet search terms to generate traffic. My readership goes up and down quite a lot, and often nearly vanashies at weekends. I’ve had a few strange internet search terms recorded on my dashboard but can’t remember what they are. I should be more up on all this but there you go. As for eating Grandma, mine was quite thin so she would have provided little nourishment.


    • Dawne Webber said,

      I’m going to let you in on a little secret. I think that search engine optimization stuff is a load of hooey (for personal blogs like ours anyway). I’ve wasted much of my time and words on things that were supposed to generate traffic.I’ve never seen any of them on my list of referred terms.

      As for my grandma, she was small too, and I think she may have had a bitter aftertaste.


  8. river218 said,

    Comment away! It is actually nice to know someone out there cares even a little, and most bloggers are happy to reciprocate that.


    • Dawne Webber said,

      I like getting comments, but I like the lurkers too. I still fall into both categories, depending on what I read.


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